About eBooks Library

  • eBooks Library offers Most popular and Recent academic & scientific research eBooks for Direct Download mostly as Original Publisher PDF (A.K.A. Retail PDF), DRM FREE (PDF without any digital restrictions for printing or copying), with Official Bookmarking, Image Quality, Page Numbering, ToC and Content of the eBook.
  • eBooks Library eBooks are offered for Instant download after Purchase at the lowest price (as low as 5-10% of Official Publisher & eBook Stores prices).
  • eBooks Library eBooks are affordable to buy by junior researchers, doctors and Students worldwide who could not afford the extremely high eBooks prices let alone digital restrictions applied to those eBooks not allowing copying or printing.

* How does eBooks Library work, How can I get eBooks?

eBooks Library uses pay by points system to manage its users’ access to posted ebooks, so each user with points can use their points to buy posted ebooks.

To Buy Points, you need to Register an account on the site First for Free, then Top-Up your account by buying Points. if you have troubles registering an account on the site, feel free to eBooks Team (Support) at: Contact us

* Who is Behind This Online Library and its Request Service:

A Team of users (eBooks Team) with years of experience and skills in the academic and scientific research field, including (but not limited to):

  • Information Retrieval, academic research and Advanced Searching Techniques for eBooks and other academic or research materials.
  • Websites development and Security, penetration testing, ethical hacking, coding and Advanced encryption/Decryption techniques.
  • Accessing and Posting Research Materials (Articles, eBooks, Theses, Standards and Video Lectures).
  • Helping researchers to Access academic libraries and articles platforms to get fulltext articles and theses.

Why eBooks Library?:

Here are Few tips why you should buy only from eBooks Library website not any other similar website (except official publisher or eBooks Stores):

  1. Download Videos and eBooks Instantly: You get Download Link immediately by unlocking protected content where download link is hidden, after Paying its cost (after you click Download Now button).
  2. Prices: eBooks Library Materials Cost, Prices in Points are nothing more than symbolic, we don’t sell eBooks at publishers and stores prices, not even at half that price, only 5-10% ,Prices are lowest possible compared to any other website selling same materials, let alone that with our premium offers you can buy anything at half its listed price .
  3. Payment is automatic and Instant: your account get credited with points automatically after successful payment.

There few similar websites selling eBooks where you have to pay for each item separately and then they will check your payment and send you download link to your email manually according to what they say (but we are not sure if they actually send anything), they don’t have contribution system or Team, no help or support section, no details about anything, Here in eBooks Library, we are a team of experts in this field, no other website has same advantage, only regular users buying eBooks from resellers (like buying from us), in addition we have a contribution system, thus new users are joining as contributors, we try to be clear and honest and we provide full detailed pages explaining everything including how our website and request service work in addition to help topics and support.

Why we are telling you all this? … Simply because we don’t want (as an advice, not that we want for ourselves) any user looking for eBooks at low prices to pay unreasonably high prices for similar websites which are not an official publisher or eBooks Stores while they ask too much prices for eBooks they don’t own, let alone providing everything manually, so user will have to wait for each purchased item till they send it to him/her (probably) as well as we want everyone to avoid non popular websites as they might be scammers, especially that everything is manual, … Here in eBooks Library, you can test the system with few low priced items to see everything works well before buying anything expensive and you can do that step by step too without taking risk!. However, there are other website, other than eBooks library website (maybe one or two) with good reputation and good support, we are also working with them as contributors, although their prices are little more expensive than eBooks Library website.

Bottom Line: You are FREE to choose as well as any other website has the rights (in our point of view – not from a legal or moral point of view) to sell eBooks and also at any prices they want or think appropriate and everyone should recover expenses and get benefits and continue doing this kind of work and we actually encourage all websites admins working like us to continue providing knowledge for lowest prices (just as donations)  and everything mentioned above is nothing other than informative topic.

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  • For any Questions about eBooks Library eBooks, Request Service, Prices or payment methods, offers for eBooks or Videos Please Feel Free to contact eBooks Team (Support):
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