Amazon Gift Card (Manual)

  • Buy Points with Amazon eGift Card:

To buy points with amazon eGift Card, Kindly Contact us (to get recipient email).

Please Note:

  • We accept only US eGift Cards (not,…etc.).
  • You can buy eGift Cards officially from website via below product link:

  • When buying from amazon, please enter our email as the recipient (The egift would be sent by amazon to our email).
  • Once eGift Received, We will credit your account in eBooksme with corresponding points.

Kindly check screenshot and guidelines provided below to speed up the process and avoid any issues:

Click the Image below to see it in Full Size.



Description of the screenshot above:

  • Enter any Amount you wish ($5 or $10 or $25, …etc.), you’ll get Points according to regular pricing: $1=10 Points.
  • In the Recipient,  Please use our email which will be given after contacting us.

Please use a valid email not a temporary one, otherwise we will not be able to contact you for any important matter.

In any case, if you decide to buy points with Amazon gift card, Kindly Contact us. we’ll assist you by Email.

Thank you.