Chest Critical Care Board Review On Demand 2017 (CME Videos)

Chest Critical Care Board Review On Demand 2017 (CME Videos)

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Chest Critical Care Board Review On Demand 2017

Program content mirrors the content of the exam, as outlined by the ABIM.

Topics and Videos Content:

  • Cardiovascular Disorders
  • Critical Care Medicine
  • Critical Care Ultrasound Scanning
  • Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease (DPLD)
  • Epidemiology
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
  • Hematologic and Oncologic Disorders
  • Infections
  • Infectious Disease
  • Neoplasia
  • Neurologic Disorders
  • Obstructive Lung Disease
  • Occupational and Environmental Diseases
  • Pleural Disease
  • Pulmonary Disease
  • Quality, Safety, and Complications
  • Renal, Endocrine, and Metabolic Disorders
  • Research, Administration, and Ethics
  • Surgery, Trauma, and Transplantation

Video Files:

  • Acid-Base Disorders_Simpson.MP4
  • Acute Abdomen, Pancreatitis_Gustin.MP4
  • Acute and Chronic Liver Failure_Morris.MP4
  • Acute Coronary Syndromes and Pericarditis_Fedson.MP4
  • Acute Kidney Injury and Acid-Base Disorders_Gehlbach.MP4
  • ARDS_Poston.MP4
  • Asthma_Hanania.MP4
  • Bradyarrhythmias and Pacing_Zimmerman.MP4
  • Care of the Critically Ill Patient with Obstructive Lung Disease_Hibber.MP4
  • Care of the Immunocompromised Host.Patricia Kritek.MP4
  • Coagulopathies and Bleeding Disorders_Thomas.MP4
  • Community-Acquired Pneumonia_Grossman.MP4
  • Congestive Heart Failure and Mechanical Support_Fedson.MP4
  • COPD Part I_Braman.MP4
  • COPD Part II_Braman.MP4
  • Cystic Fibrosis, Non-CF Bronchiectasis_Moores.MP4
  • Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Part I_Ryu.MP4
  • Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Disease Part II_Ryu.MP4
  • Drug-Induced Lung Disease_Kamp.MP4
  • Electrolyte Disorders_Poston.MP4
  • End of Life and Ethics_McSparron.MP4
  • Endocrine Emergencies_McConville.MP4
  • Environmental_Occupational Part I_Cowl.MP4
  • Environmental_Occupational Part II_Kamp.MP4
  • Environmental_Occupational Part III_Cowl.MP4
  • Eosinophilic Lung Disease_Levine.MP4
  • Ethics and Professionalism_Rosen.MP4
  • Extrapulmonary Infections_Poston.MP4
  • GI Bleeding, Clostridium difficile_McSparron.MP4
  • Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia_Grossman.MP4
  • Hemodynamic Monitoring_McConville.MP4
  • Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure_Sessler.mp4
  • Hypertensive Emergencies_Kritek.MP4
  • Hypothermia, Hyperthermia and Rhabdomyolyis_Zimmerman.MP4
  • Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure_Sessler.MP4
  • Lung Cancer Part I_Silvestr.MP4
  • Lung Cancer Part II_Silvestr.MP4
  • Mechanical Ventilation_Schmid.MP4
  • Mechanical Ventilation_Sessler.MP4
  • Mediastinal and Other Neoplasms_Ryu.MP4
  • Neuromuscular Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury_Janz.MP4
  • Non-pulmonary Crticical Care Pearls_Simpson.MP4
  • Nutrition_Gehlbach.MP4
  • Perioperative Critical Care_Gustin.MP4
  • Pleural Diseases Part I_Swanson.MP4
  • Pleural Diseases Part II_Swanson.MP4
  • Pneumonia_Hibber.MP4
  • Point-of-Care Ultrasound_Morris.MP4
  • Poisonings and Overdose_Zimmerman.MP4
  • Procedures in the ICU_Gustin.MP4
  • Pulmonary Embolism, Pulmonary Vascular Disease_Kritek.MP4
  • Pulmonary Procedures and Complications_Edell.MP4
  • Quality, Safety and Complications_Buckley.MP4
  • Sedation, Delirium and Liberation from the Ventilator_Patel.MP4
  • Seizures, Strokes, and Intracranial Bleeding_Janz.MP4
  • Shock, Sepsis and Hemodynamic Monitoring_Simpson.MP4
  • Shock_Patel.MP4
  • Statistics and Epidemiology_Buckley.MP4
  • Tachyarrhythmia and Advanced Cardiac Life Support_Zimmerman.MP4
  • Transfusions and Blood Products_Thomas.MP4
  • Tuberculosis and Non-Mycobacterial Lung Infections_Rosen.MP4
  • Unusual and Uncommon Pulmonary Disorders_Ryu.MP4
  • Ventilatory Crises_Schmidt.MP4
  • Viral and Fungal Infections_Buckley.MP4

PDF Files:

  • 17_Critical Care Front Material .pdf
  • 17_Pulmonary Front Material (3).pdf
  • 0705_Saturday_Care of the Critically Ill Patient (Hibbert).pdf
  • 0730_Friday_Seizures Strokes and Intercranial Bleeding (Janz).pdf
  • 0730_Monday Hypothermia_Hyperthermia_and_Rhabdomyolysis_ (Zimmerman.J).pdf
  • 0730_Saturday_Viral and Fungal Infections (Buckley).pdf
  • 0730_Sunday_Acid Base Disorders (Simpson).pdf
  • 0730_Sunday_Tachyarrhythmia_and_Advanced_Cardiac_Life_Support (F. Zimmerman).pdf
  • 0750_Saturday_Extrapulmonary Infections (Poston).pdf
  • 0815_Monday_Mechanical Ventilation (Schmidt).pdf
  • 0815_Saturday_Shock, Sepsis, Hemodynamic Monitoring (Simpson).pdf
  • 0815_Sunday_Acute Coronary Syndromes and Pericarditis (Fedson).pdf
  • 0815_Thursday_Lung Cancer I (Silvestri).pdf
  • 0830_Friday_Ethics and End of Life (McSparron).pdf
  • 0835_Saturday_Pneumonia (Hibbert).pdf
  • 0845_Sunday_Mediastinal and Other Neoplasms (Ryu).pdf
  • 0900_Monday_Poisonings and Overdose (Zimmerman.J).pdf
  • 0900_Sunday_Bradyarrhythmias and Pacing (F. Zimmerman) (1).pdf
  • 0915_Friday_Neuromuscular Disease Traumatic Brain Injury (Janz).pdf
  • 0920_Thursday_Lung Cancer II (Silvestri).pdf
  • 0940_Saturday_Electrolyte Disorders (Poston).pdf
  • 0950_Sunday_Unusual and Uncommon Pulmonary Disorders (Ryu).pdf
  • 1005_Friday GI_Bleeding Clostridium difficile (McSparron).pdf
  • 1005_Monday_Acute Kidney Injury and Acid Based Disorders (Gehlbach).pdf
  • 1005_Sunday_Shock (Patel).pdf
  • 1005_Thursday_Mechanical Ventilation (Sessler).pdf
  • 1025_Saturday_Care of the Immunocompromised Host (Kritek).pdf
  • 1035_Friday_Asthma (Hanania).pdf
  • 1035_Sunday_Pulmonary Procedures and Complications (Edell).pdf
  • 1050_Friday_Acute Abdomen, Pancreatis (Gustin).pdf
  • 1050_Monday_Ventilatory Crisis (Schmidt).pdf
  • 1050_Saturday_Non-Pulmonary Critical Care Pearls (Simpson).pdf
  • 1050_Sunday_Hemodynamic Monitoring (McConville).pdf
  • 1050_Thursday_Community Acquired Pneumonia (Grossman).pdf
  • 1110_Saturday_Transfusions and Blood Products (Thomas).pdf
  • 1110_Saturday_Transfusions and Blood Products (Thomas).pdf
  • 1135_and_1315_Saturday_Pleural Diseases Part I and Part II (Swanson).pdf
  • 1135_Friday_Acute and Chronic Liver Failure (Morris).pdf
  • 1135_Monday_Nutrition (Gehlbach).pdf
  • 1135_Sunday_Congestive Heart Failure and Mechanical Support (Fedson).pdf
  • 1135_Thursday_Hypercapnic Respiratory Failure (Sessler).pdf
  • 1135_Wednesday_COPD Part I (Braman).pdf
  • 1300_Friday_Environment Occupational Part I (Cowl).pdf
  • 1315_Thursday_Health Care Acquired Pneumonia (Grossman).pdf
  • 1320_Wednesday_COPD Part II (Braman).pdf
  • 1345_Friday_Environment III Pneumoconiosis (Kamp).pdf
  • 1400_Saturday_Statistics and Epidemiology (Buckley).pdf
  • 1400_Thursday_Hypoxemic Respiratory Failure (Sessler).pdf
  • 1430_Friday_Environmental Occupational Part II (Cowl).pdf
  • 1445_Saturday_Diffuse Lung Disease Part I (Ryu).pdf
  • 1445_Thursday Tuberculosis and Nonmycobacterial Lung Infections (Rosen).pdf
  • 1535_Friday_Drug Induced Lung Disease (Kamp).pdf
  • 1540_Wednesday_Cystic Fibrosis Non-CF Bronchiectasis (Moores).pdf
  • 1545_Saturday_Coagulopathies and Bleeding Disorders (Thomas).pdf
  • 1550_Saturday_Diffuse Lung Disease Part II (Ryu).pdf
  • 1550_Thursday_Ethics and Professionalism (Rosen).pdf
  • 1610_Friday_Procedures in the ICU (Gustin).pdf
  • 1610_Sunday_Sedation_Delirium_and_Liberation_from_the_Ventilator Patel).pdf
  • 1625_Wednesday_Eosinophilic Lung Disease (Levine.S).pdf
  • 1630_Saturday_Pulmonary_Vascular_Disease (Kritek).pdf
  • 1635_Saturday_Quality and Safety_(Buckley).pdf
  • 1655_Friday_Point of Care Ultrasound (Morris).pdf
  • 1655_Sunday_Endocrine Emergencies (McConville).pdf
  • 1715_Saturday_Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (Poston).pdf
  • 1740_Friday_Perioperative Critical Care (Gustin).pdf
  • 1740_Sunday_Hypertensive_Emergencies (Kritek).pdf
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To develop educational delivery systems for chest, critical care, and sleep physicians that facilitate lifelong learning, optimize clinical care, and meet the CHEST Education Committee goals.

Disclosure Statement
CHEST remains strongly committed to providing the best available evidence-based clinical information to participants of this educational activity and requires an open disclosure of any relevant financial relationships that create a conflict of interest. It is not the intent of CHEST to disqualify anyone from participating in this educational activity, but to resolve any conflicts of interest that may arise from financial relationships with commercial interests. All conflicts of interest are reviewed by the educational activity course director/chair, the Education Committee, and/or the Conflict of Interest Subcommittee to ensure that such situations are properly evaluated and, if necessary, resolved. CHEST educational standards pertaining to conflict of interest are intended to maintain the professional autonomy of the clinical experts inherent in promoting a balanced presentation of science. Through our review process, all CHEST CME activities are ensured of independent, objective, scientifically balanced presentations of information. Disclosure of any or no relevant financial relationships will be made available on-site during all educational activities.

Learning Categories
The development, planning, and delivery of instructional methods for this course is based on Learning Category 2: Self-Directed.