Contribution System

Contribution System is Closed Except by Email exchange, /// Old information below:

Please contact us to receive details including posting template.

  • Get eBooks Library Points by Contributing:

You can get eBooks Library Points without paying money by contributing with Original Publisher PDF for specific titles our eBooks Team Requires on various academic subjects as well as other research materials like video lectures …etc.:

  • You’ll get eBooks Library Points amount for each posted eBook (eBooks Library eBook price) whenever a user buys your posted eBook, and for rare eBooks, you’ll get gifted eBooks Library Points at the start before anyone buys your eBook.
  • Example: if 10 users buy your eBook sold by 100 points, you’ll get 1000 points.

You can also get Real money by Contributing as mentioned above, your earned points (Not gifted points) will be converted to real money, and you’ll be given 20% of total money every time your points balance reaches 5,000 points, that means, you get $100 USD for every 5,000 points earned, once you get payment, we will re-initialize your balance to start from zero (0) points.

Why Only 20%?:

  • There are users who buy premium offers, thus the income from their purchases is not exact amount in real money because they were given extra offered points.
  • We pay from total income for website server, premium plugins, File sharing servers and VPS server costs as well as purchased rare titles, and other troubles for taking care of the website, let alone providing support for users and taking all the issues and troubles by ourselves.
  • We also need to get income from contribution total income, otherwise there would be no benefit from contributors and we wouldn’t provide them with a FREE market to sell their eBooks.

Contribution Policy:

First, Please read our general terms of service here:

Terms of Service

Contribution Terms & Conditions:

  1. When contributing, only our requested titles are accepted, we don’t allow contributing with random titles even if rare, new or most wanted because we can get most titles by ourselves but not necessairly post them immediately, there is time and priority tasks for the team.
  2. When Posting, the contributor must post the eBook in the exact template we explained with exact proper formatting and font/color use, so we won’t have to spend much time formatting the posts at our own for each posted contribution, we have thousands of unposted ebooks we need to care about so we don’t have time to post for contributors ourselves, at least not for the time being.
  3. Once your eBook is added to eBooks Library, you can’t request its removal at any time no matter what excuse or reason you provide whatsoever (if it’s already posted, it will stay there).
  4. If more than one Contributor posted or Provided a required title, Only first received contribution will be taken and posted as contribution (by Date ascending order).
  5. We Reserve the right to set Prices of your posted eBooks at our own discretion (even if the real price is very high, we could post it just for 1 points in case we need to do that for any reason without giving further explanation) but you’ll always get its income in points according to its price on eBooks Library.
  6. Payment in case of real money would be entertained only after points reach at least 5,000 (no payment would be entertained in case your balance is lower than that regardless of your particular situation scenario, like if you want to stop contributing or leave and get your last points converted before).
  7. Payment for the time being is sent Only by Bitcoin to Bitcoin due to PayPal issues (we can’t send you real money by any other method whatsoever).

Contribution System is opened, Please contact us to receive details including posting template.