Terms of Service

eBooks Library is a website offering help service for researchers, doctors, and students worldwide, not strictly an official business organization by any means even if paid, our prices are not more than symbolic like donation to keep us going with the services we provide, we take no liability or responsibility for any issues our users encounter with posted eBooks as long as we provided correct information in the post regarding eBook format and such, we would provide support whenever it’s possible including for problems and issues not related to our posted materials, like problem with eBook reader …etc. but our users should know not to expect a full business support for very small issues, we don’t take that into account as we won’t achieve perfection no matter how hard we try to be supportive with our users, our main aim is to help those looking for eBooks to get them at lowest prices in a sort that they would pay double price to get a single DRM protected eBook from stores while they pay only half that price to get few dozen titles DRM FREE without any protection for copying/printing.

Please read terms of service described below before using our services:

  1. Information provided in the description of eBooks and other posted materials is usually copied from amazon store to provide a general information and details of  posted material content, however eBooks Library will NOT provide any included access code for a website or supplements included with any posted eBooks unless it’s mentioned so in “Format” details, as well as the paperback, hardcover copy are not supplied by eBooks Library even if it’s mentioned so in the general description, we only provide eBook format such as PDF and information in the description belongs generally to the hardcover or paperback format such as number of pages, but it’s usually the same for eBooks.
  2. Refund Policy: Refund is only entertained in case the provided eBook or Video is wrong in content or in Format, however only in case it’s clear without any doubt that posted material information is not compatible with downloaded files, such as image PDF downloaded for an eBook described as Publisher PDF format, No Refund would be entertained in case you purchased a post by mistake or in case you didn’t like the purchased item for any reason whatsoever, as well as no Full Refund in case purchased material is missing very few content, like missing 1-3 video lectures in a series with 45 video lectures, in such case we would not accept complaint in a way someone would present to a business or publisher company like saying “you have to provide me whole set or refund me full paid amount” (while the user would have actually downloaded all content), however in such situation scenario we would try to provide missing content or refund partial paid points by taking into account whole set price and missing parts percentage.
  3. Request Service: Request fulfillment including premium users requests depends on our current resources, we try our best to help all researchers using our request service with high priority for premium users whenever possible and using our resources, however we take no responsibility for any unsolved request and we cannot be held responsible for not fulfilling premium users requests in case we couldn’t solve them regardless of presented claim by the user like saying “the eBook is available in this store, you can buy it to solve my request”, we don’t work in such way, we do buy from stores but only rare titles and when absolutely necessary, otherwise we would not be able to recover expenses. Using resources and/or buying requested materials from publishers or stores to fulfil a user’s request including premium requests would be decided at our own discretion.
  4. Premium offers and Points Pricing: We reserve the right to change pricing of points and/or premium offers at any given time for any reason at our own discretion, Premium users who already purchased any premium offer with old prices will have their points remain unchanged regardless of new premium offer price/offered points, whether it’s decreased or increased, as well as users who already have points balance will keep their points intact (amount of points will not be changed for any current user with points).
  5. Sharing: We do not allow sharing of our posted materials publicly on the internet even if the user purchased them, and we will take serious actions in case we discover a “leecher” among our users.
  6. Prices: We reserve the right to change prices of some or all posted materials at any given time for any reason (like being too old) at our own discretion without having to give explanation or refund to anyone who bought them previously even if someone already purchased them with old price, no points would be refunded to take into account new price, only price at time of purchase counts.
  7. Pricing Criteria: Prices of posted materials on the website depend on several criteria:
  • Official Price in Publisher site or eBooks Stores.
  • Date of Publication, whether the posted material is very new, recent or old.
  • Popularity and difficulty of acquiring posted material and whether it’s rare or easy to get.
  • Size of Posted material for huge Videos and such.
  • Whether the posted material is completely exclusive or available on other sites regardless of dead or active download links in other public sites.
  • In rare cases we would lower the price to less than 5% or even less than that for any particular reason at our own discretion.
  • Most eBooks and other posted materials are set to around 10% of their official prices, however there are many exceptions.

Above Terms of Service and Rules can be changed (updated) at any given time, please check updated rules whenever you need to use the website services.

Last Updated: February, 10 2017 at 18:30 GMT